Higher Education Recapture Prior Year Credit

Recapture of education credit: 2013: 1098-T. Recapture of education credit: 2013: 1098-T box 2 = $12,844, box 5 = $10,215.17, box 6 = $ 856. The American Opportunity Credit for 2013 is Tax return of 2013 – Form 8863 – American Opportunity Credit – Line 27 is $3,585. form 1040 (2013) line 49 was $828 and line 66 is $958.

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One or more of MySon’s 1098-Ts contain entries in box 4 for prior year adjustments. If you have already filed your 2013 tax return and you later receive tax-free education assistance for, or a refund of, an expense you used to figure an education credit or deduction for 2013, you may have to recapture (repay) all or part of that credit or.

A recapture of an education credit means that you claimed an education credit on your. Credit, you can find this number on line 4 of Form 8863 from last year.

Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits). If you need to file a prior year tax return, use the form and instructions revision for that tax year.. If you or the student takes a deduction for higher education.. you to repay (recapture) the credit that you claimed in an earlier year.

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Does any one know how to handle a recapture of a lifetime education credit in Max? The recapture is for a spouse per a 1098T for a tuition adjustment. Tuition paid in 2006 and adjusted in 2007. This year the husband has a hope credit so Form 8863 has to be filed again. The form instructions say to enter the amount of recapture on line 44 with "ECR".

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I just did my taxes and the program I used did not have a box for #4 the Adjustments made for a prior year. It just asked about the qualified expenses paid. My payments or qualified expenses (boxes 1 & 2) are $0.00 and my adjustments are $812.00. I just want to make sure that I don’t have to pay anything back from the adjustments for last year?